Sword Art Online Episode 3 – Another epic show!

First I have to give some praises again! Sword Art Online is one of the best Summer anime around because it’s entertaining! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not biased here in fact I’m not a big fan of MMORPG-based anime as such I haven’t watched a single one of them. Yes, even accel world which is over hyped didn’t interest me. But this one is different, Sword Art Online is a straight forward approach to classic gaming mixed into anime. OTOH I have seen some concerns that I think everyone is ignoring about the series.

  1. The status of their bodies – Yup! it’s the status of their bodies! How come they’re still alive when it’s been more than a month that they’ve not eaten well.  Most of the anime viewers say that it’s natural that the real bodies were taken care of by the families. I do not approve to this, why? Cause it’s not anime-ish. It’s hard to imagine that the real bodies have dextrose attached into it while they continue to play the game. The adaptation of an mmorpg to an anime is superbly done and is very realistic in a sense that the virtual reality gaming syncs really well. But I’m sure that there’s a catch to that. I think there’s still a time gap in the  game that is like a minute in real life means a year or a month. It may sounds ridiculous but I think my theory fits to it
  2. I don’t understand the drama – Being a beater! I don’t understand on the hate of being a beater. Kirito is high-leveled character but why do they hate him so much. It’s a competition anyway! Kirito I think is just playing smart and weaklings are just bragging to much that Beaters are not helping them. I know that your life is at stake here but there’s nothing wrong if you play the game so good. I hate players like that and I hate Kirito act like he’s a weakling where in fact he’s not
  3. No Class System or Job System – Not really a concern but I think it’s more interesting if they’ve introduced a class system. Swords are good and melee type weapons are cool but I think it’s more interesting if there’s a class system in the series. At least we’ll see different kind of variations like knights, paladins, assassins and spear masters. But anyway let’s leave it up to the writer.
  4. I have a bad feeling that it’s going to be a short show – Well if my guess is right it’s going to be another 25 episode series, pretty sucks but I think that’s the trend now – unless it’s going to be a hardcore shonen show that would span for like 100+ episodes.

Episode 3 was really great but I’d like to see more Drama and politics to the characters and not about battling emotions and stuff like that. Asuna is pretty cool on the 2nd episode so I want to see her more in the show. Well, the uprgrades and stuff on Kirito’s inventory is good looking and badass! It’s nice to see if they’ll feature rare items and weapons. Don’t forget the rare item that he got on the special boss event monster. I’m sure it will be of use in the near future.


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Sword Art Online Episode 2

.HACK franchise as far as I know is concentrated more on the drama so if you’re looking for some nice action then you’ll mostly be disappointed with it. Good MMORPG-based anime is hard to find and is in fact very little to be noticed but I think this time Sword Art Online deserves the spotlight as I see the potential of the show in terms of action and story. I know that episode 2 is still too early to decide so I want you to know that this is just a “Hunch” So as you read this please understand that this is not a review but more like a briefing of the show.

If you haven’t watched Sword Art Online yet then please do so… The first two episodes was really good IMHO because it’s direct less non-sense with moe’s that kill boars. The interface and animation is really good too and I have to give them props to that. Most of the fans says that it’s far from the light novel and that light novels is way better than the anime. My response to them is that they’re talking $#!+. Comparing the anime to a light novel is like comparing apples to sextoys. Sorry but if you’re going to judge an anime then judge it as an anime and not the anime+lightnovel (story). These are what elitists do and I hate it.

OTOH it’s only episode 2 and I’m sure that you can easily catch up with the show. Aside from Sword Art online I’m still looking for a new anime to follow. I still can’t decide because I’m quite busy with other stuff 🙂 

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Hyouka Episode 12

Finally I’ve uploaded my very first video in youtube. I’m still hesitant to do this cause It’s been taking me some time to cut clips but I figured a way out on how to do it. 🙂 So I’ve sampled Hyouka’s episode 12 in a 55 second clip and I think it’s looking really good IMHO cause the quality didn’t degrade. I have to give props to the software that I use. Anyway Episode 12 didn’t have anything special aside from Hatsune Miku’s Cameo Appearance as well as other Vocaloids on the show. They have more exposure if you look at the other parts of the anime but I decided to cut those parts and just include scenes where Miku Chan has little exposure and was well hidden so viewers will take some time to look for him.

Anyway I’m very happy with my blog performance right now. It’s now ranked as #2 on my main keyword. And I think it will do much much better in the next two weeks if I do my job. I just hoped that more visitors will go to my main blog cause I did very well in writing and curating good articles that I found online. Well, this youtube thing should payoff in the near future since it’s still the #1 video site in the internet. I will also try to upload some of my videos to other video site online. Hope this works for the best.

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Top Spring 2012 Anime

Well BigGlobePoll finally finished the survey for the Sring 2012 Anime rankings in Japan and without a doubt my guess is certainly as good as yours. If you know how moe-anime is influential in Japan then your guess is without a doubt the cutest mystery anime that landed on Spring. And that would be….. Hyouka

It’s certainly not just a mystery anime but more like a mix hybrid of Slice of Life and Mystery so hardcore mystery fans will have a hard time adapting the show if they expect some mind boggling situations. I’m actually near the end of the episodes and I didn’t expect that it would turn out to be really good. Anyway, just look out for my upcoming anime review of the show in the future. Anyway Here’s the complete ranking of the Spring anime this 2012.

1. Hyouka

2. Kuroko no Basket

3. Fate/Zero 2nd season

4. Kids on The Slope

5. Accel World

6. Saki

7. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

8. Ginga e Kickoff!!

9. Tsuritama

10. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead

Anyway the most surprising thing about this list is Kuroko No Basket. I know that it’s good but knowing how Japanese are addicted to Moe even though the show is good would deem the show in the bottom of the list but what really happened is a 2nd place to the top. I really salute “Kuroko No Basket” on this one, they deserve to be here on this list.

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I’m working on Cakes!

The past postings that I had on my blog is about episodic reviews following a gallery of the best anime landscapes that i compiled online. So here I am again to tease you a bit more on what I’m preparing for the next gallery showdown on my anime blog. I think the title itself is more than enough to have you an idea. Anyway here’s a sample of one of the best anime cakes that I’ve seen online.


In fact Totoro cakes are one of the best anime cakes that are baked and was captured on cam. The thing about this anime cakes is that most of the anime fans won’t even dare to slice it! That’s reality, they’re willing to get hungry and sacrifice their humanly needs just for the sake of art! Wheeew I hope most people are like that cause if that happens to me I won’t even try eating or slicing the crafted beauty.

Anyway I’ve been feeling good lately and I almost updated most of my anime blogs online. Seems like my frustration on not ranking well has disappeared and I’m back on my game plan again. Doing daily exercise really helps and for the past two days I’ve been doing cardio exercises – jogging around the town to help me release my anxiety. I’ll be maintaining this type of lifestyle and see for myself on what will happen to my productivity for the coming days. Haaaa! Just please let me be successful on my anime blogging. 😦

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Mafia Anime Again – Arcana Famiglia

I’ve been doing anime episodic reviews this day and Arcana Famiglia caught my attention for it’s similarity to Katekyo Hitman Reborn. The first episode was really good and something that would sum the anime up… Compared to KHR this one goes straight to the point and has an introduction on the character’s abilities – the sad thing about it is the follow up episode is so lame that most of the episode was covered almost by chasing cats.

It doesn’t have the intensity of Kuroko No Basket but honestly the anime has a very much potential to become a hit in the country. it’s still too early to tell but the way the “Arcana” abilities work interests me a lot and I’m hoping to see on how the characters would learn to control their Arcana Abilities and how they’d provide an explanation on how their power works. I’ll be reviewing the anime for the coming weeks and it will be the center of my attention as well as other shows. I decided to make anime reviews and create a couple of anime hubs to fill up content on my blog.

Hope to see a flow of traffic from this type of articles since I’m really frustrated on the amount of visitors that I receive on my blog. Hoping for the best on this coming weeks. Anyway here’s a nice art from my favorite mafia anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Hope you like it!


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Kuroko No Basket Episode 14 – Relaxing Feel

A long week of waiting finally paid of! Kuroko No Basket Episode 14 is not just amazing but is a total comedy to recuperate from the intense matches that happened last week. The scenes in the latest episode is fun to watch and is extremely sexy when they start to introduce momoi-san which is Kuroko Tetsuya’s self proclaimed Girlfriend. Aside from the pink-haired look she has the biggest asset of all compared to their manager which is a cup B :). 


It also appears that they’ll be facing a threat that would really test Kagami-kun to his limits and as Momoi-chan have said. He’s a Kiseki No Sedai Member that resembles Kagami Taiga the most and the way Aomini played is very similar to him. There’s also a part of the show which shows a matchup of the two and it appears that Kagami Taiga is having a hard time for the 3rd Kiseki No Sedai Member. I’m sure it’s pretty lame cause Kagami is not in a good shape to fight him but I think he already gauged the capacity of their next opponent.

Well, Kuroko no Basket certainly surpassed my expectation because the intensity and the great pacing of the show lived it’s expectation. Anyway I’ll be covering episodic reviews of the series perhaps but I’m still hesitant to do so until I see the results of my episodic posts to the latest anime around. Well, It’s good to be back again blogging in Otaku Press since I haven’t accessed this site for like 3 days because wordpress is acting weirdly.

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Tired for Anime Blogging!

For the first time, I got tired blogging for this day… not sure why but I guess one reason why it happened is because I’m losing my physical fitness. I definitely need to do a workout now to loosen my fats and to be fit. It sucks, cause I felt so heavy today – feeling bloated and I easily get tired. Please make the weather fine for tomorrow so I can start my daily routine of doing ocassional jogs 30 repetition of push ups and 25 situps per day. Not that demanding but that’s definitely good for a start. I need to condition my brain for this kind of thing and I think it would be good to book a calendar for it.


Anyway I posted a couple of good interest anime posts for today on my main anime blog but compared to what I was doing for the past days I can go for up to 20 posts per day. Not too sure on what really happened to me but I think this is the effect of unhealthy lifestyle. I’ll try to balance things up starting tomorrow and I’ll be forcing myself to attain a balanced life. I won’t be on hiatus – In fact I’ll still blog it’s just that I’ll try to do it on a healthy way. It sucks if I I feel sluggish and my interest is starting to fade.

Anyway haven’t started watching an anime series yet – I’ll start watching my pending lists starting tomorrow. I definitely need some refreshment to replenish my strength for the hard work I’ve done on this month.

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Kuroko Tetsuya’s Magic Pass on Episode 13th – Meehhhh!!!!


Episode 13 ended my agony for my most favorite Spring Anime of 2012 – Kuroko No Basket. And the good thing is that it didn’t end up as a continuation of the previous episode so we’ll be seeing another chapter of the anime on Episode 14th. What’s cool about it is that the 4th Kiseki No Sedai Member revealed himself alongside a hot big breasted girl which has a crush to Kuroko. Now about the previous match, I was waiting for a revelation on Kuroko’s upgraded passing ability but it was a letdown. Well, seems to be a regular pass to me. Well, at least we have something to wait for on future episodes in case the previous pass was just for exhibition and for the sake of saving the game.

Aside from that there’s nothing worth highlighting on the previous episode. Well, Now that the anime is going fast paced I think it probably needs to cool down a bit. For the intensity to build up when matches happen. Could also be nice if they can slow down the match ups and feature the other supporting casts from Seirin High. Now, I’m having problems what anime will I be seeing in this summer with similar enjoyment like Kuroko No Basket or maybe different that would strike my interest but definitely not MOE.

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Busy Week is Over – Anime Blogging

I want more of this anime below… Neon Genesis Evangelion was the most stupid anime that I watched for the full week and I think that drained me alot of energy. This just made another bad impression for the mecha anime – So far I haven’t watched a single one that get me hooked. I have Code Geass waiting for me in my storage but I’ll leave it first until I watch Madoka Magica which is one of the most recommended anime by the community.

Also, because of my plans working out  to cut the freaking fats out of my body – the anime could be a good motivation. Busy week is almost over and all the important things are finally finished for today. I’ll be totally free for the whole month of July and I hope I see another improvement of my work and increased in traffic for my anime blog. Here are my plans for this month.

  1. Post 3 articles on Otaku Press per day – not sure on how I can achieve this probably anime news
  2. Fix layouts and add improvement to my main anime news site
  3. WORK my butt – reduce 5kg this month – ideal weight for me is 58kg – 60kg. I feel lighter and more energetic that way
  4. More guides and reviews next month

Anyway, I hope I see more of Hajime No Ippo . I’m totally bored watching Hyouka and other moeblobs anime for some reason and I think the only cure for it is by watching shonen stuff. Too bad that “The New Challenger” could be the last from the franchise.

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