Busy Week is Over – Anime Blogging

I want more of this anime below… Neon Genesis Evangelion was the most stupid anime that I watched for the full week and I think that drained me alot of energy. This just made another bad impression for the mecha anime – So far I haven’t watched a single one that get me hooked. I have Code Geass waiting for me in my storage but I’ll leave it first until I watch Madoka Magica which is one of the most recommended anime by the community.

Also, because of my plans working out  to cut the freaking fats out of my body – the anime could be a good motivation. Busy week is almost over and all the important things are finally finished for today. I’ll be totally free for the whole month of July and I hope I see another improvement of my work and increased in traffic for my anime blog. Here are my plans for this month.

  1. Post 3 articles on Otaku Press per day – not sure on how I can achieve this probably anime news
  2. Fix layouts and add improvement to my main anime news site
  3. WORK my butt – reduce 5kg this month – ideal weight for me is 58kg – 60kg. I feel lighter and more energetic that way
  4. More guides and reviews next month

Anyway, I hope I see more of Hajime No Ippo . I’m totally bored watching Hyouka and other moeblobs anime for some reason and I think the only cure for it is by watching shonen stuff. Too bad that “The New Challenger” could be the last from the franchise.

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