Sword Art Online Episode 2

.HACK franchise as far as I know is concentrated more on the drama so if you’re looking for some nice action then you’ll mostly be disappointed with it. Good MMORPG-based anime is hard to find and is in fact very little to be noticed but I think this time Sword Art Online deserves the spotlight as I see the potential of the show in terms of action and story. I know that episode 2 is still too early to decide so I want you to know that this is just a “Hunch” So as you read this please understand that this is not a review but more like a briefing of the show.

If you haven’t watched Sword Art Online yet then please do so… The first two episodes was really good IMHO because it’s direct less non-sense with moe’s that kill boars. The interface and animation is really good too and I have to give them props to that. Most of the fans says that it’s far from the light novel and that light novels is way better than the anime. My response to them is that they’re talking $#!+. Comparing the anime to a light novel is like comparing apples to sextoys. Sorry but if you’re going to judge an anime then judge it as an anime and not the anime+lightnovel (story). These are what elitists do and I hate it.

OTOH it’s only episode 2 and I’m sure that you can easily catch up with the show. Aside from Sword Art online I’m still looking for a new anime to follow. I still can’t decide because I’m quite busy with other stuff 🙂 

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