Hyouka Episode 12

Finally I’ve uploaded my very first video in youtube. I’m still hesitant to do this cause It’s been taking me some time to cut clips but I figured a way out on how to do it. 🙂 So I’ve sampled Hyouka’s episode 12 in a 55 second clip and I think it’s looking really good IMHO cause the quality didn’t degrade. I have to give props to the software that I use. Anyway Episode 12 didn’t have anything special aside from Hatsune Miku’s Cameo Appearance as well as other Vocaloids on the show. They have more exposure if you look at the other parts of the anime but I decided to cut those parts and just include scenes where Miku Chan has little exposure and was well hidden so viewers will take some time to look for him.

Anyway I’m very happy with my blog performance right now. It’s now ranked as #2 on my main keyword. And I think it will do much much better in the next two weeks if I do my job. I just hoped that more visitors will go to my main blog cause I did very well in writing and curating good articles that I found online. Well, this youtube thing should payoff in the near future since it’s still the #1 video site in the internet. I will also try to upload some of my videos to other video site online. Hope this works for the best.

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