Kuroko Tetsuya’s Magic Pass on Episode 13th – Meehhhh!!!!


Episode 13 ended my agony for my most favorite Spring Anime of 2012 – Kuroko No Basket. And the good thing is that it didn’t end up as a continuation of the previous episode so we’ll be seeing another chapter of the anime on Episode 14th. What’s cool about it is that the 4th Kiseki No Sedai Member revealed himself alongside a hot big breasted girl which has a crush to Kuroko. Now about the previous match, I was waiting for a revelation on Kuroko’s upgraded passing ability but it was a letdown. Well, seems to be a regular pass to me. Well, at least we have something to wait for on future episodes in case the previous pass was just for exhibition and for the sake of saving the game.

Aside from that there’s nothing worth highlighting on the previous episode. Well, Now that the anime is going fast paced I think it probably needs to cool down a bit. For the intensity to build up when matches happen. Could also be nice if they can slow down the match ups and feature the other supporting casts from Seirin High. Now, I’m having problems what anime will I be seeing in this summer with similar enjoyment like Kuroko No Basket or maybe different that would strike my interest but definitely not MOE.

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