Kuroko No Basket Episode 14 – Relaxing Feel

A long week of waiting finally paid of! Kuroko No Basket Episode 14 is not just amazing but is a total comedy to recuperate from the intense matches that happened last week. The scenes in the latest episode is fun to watch and is extremely sexy when they start to introduce momoi-san which is Kuroko Tetsuya’s self proclaimed Girlfriend. Aside from the pink-haired look she has the biggest asset of all compared to their manager which is a cup B :). 


It also appears that they’ll be facing a threat that would really test Kagami-kun to his limits and as Momoi-chan have said. He’s a Kiseki No Sedai Member that resembles Kagami Taiga the most and the way Aomini played is very similar to him. There’s also a part of the show which shows a matchup of the two and it appears that Kagami Taiga is having a hard time for the 3rd Kiseki No Sedai Member. I’m sure it’s pretty lame cause Kagami is not in a good shape to fight him but I think he already gauged the capacity of their next opponent.

Well, Kuroko no Basket certainly surpassed my expectation because the intensity and the great pacing of the show lived it’s expectation. Anyway I’ll be covering episodic reviews of the series perhaps but I’m still hesitant to do so until I see the results of my episodic posts to the latest anime around. Well, It’s good to be back again blogging in Otaku Press since I haven’t accessed this site for like 3 days because wordpress is acting weirdly.

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