I’m a big anime fan and I love to practice writing english articles because it’s not my native tongue. Most of the posts here are purely rants and reviews are very rare. If you want a more cool blog you can find a lot online, I suggest psgels  if you want anime reviews and if you want anime news I’ll just post my anime news blog but is dedicated for Filipino readers.

This is just an extension of my network – if you know SEO or you’re a webmaster then you probably knew what I’m doing. This blog is about anime news, probably I’ll cross post a lot of my content on my main blog but most of the time I’ll just write it down here. I quit my job to venture problogging and I have a big trust on myself and I know I’m going to be successful on this field. So far, it’s not my time but it will in the future. I love computers and movies, Anime (Duhhh!!!) they say I lack social behaviour but truth is I’m not. It’s just that I love staying at home and getting wired in the internet. Simple as that!

So I think, that’s a pretty good introduction about this blog. I’ll just try to update this in the future.


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