Don’t tire your eyes

Here’s a cool fan art for today! A pretty cool Anime Mecha Art that I found online but didn’t find it’s original source. I’ve been liking this Kind of Fanart where almost all characters from a certain anime are featured in a single sheet. But it would be much better if you’ll mash up several characters from different anime. It’s like, it has a striking appeal to me where you see your favorite characters share the same world. I think this art comes from pixiv or deviant art but no matter what that is really cool to make it possible.


Anyway I also found a similar mashed up fan art like this with all the characters of shonen jump manga. The thing is – it’s been missing the other half. I’ll try to post it up tomorrow so you’ll see what I mean. Anyway I’ll be concentrating on posting here in otaku press and some of the blogs for this full week. Let’s see if it will have a positive effect to my main anime blog. I’m quite disappointed on the performance of my main blog and I think it definitely need some push thrus from my other network.

My sister just arrived last night so Perhaps we’ll be sharing an internet connection this time so downloads will be pretty slow. For the mean time, I’ll concentrate mainly on blogging and skip watching anime for a few days. Might as well complete Madoka Magica for the next two days which will be 6 episodes per day. I Don’t have time to marathon it because of restricted schedule. Most of the Spring Animes this 2012 are ending already but the one’s that I’m following is still on air. And I probably need to complete their missing episodes so I can write an anime review for them. And the first thing that I’ll start to complete would be Hyouka

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90s Trailer of Naruto Road To Ninja!

Finally! A Full 90s clip of Naruto Road To Ninja Trailer! – As I’ve said before I’m not actually a Naruto fan but I’m not a Hater at all. I was looking for some decent trailers of the said anime but scattered across the anime community are CMs (Commercial) which only lasts for 30secs and if you’re unlucky you might jump through a 15s trailer.

Anyway, seems to be the movie will be a recap to me, but others suggests that it takes plat to a different universe similar to what happened to the great Uchiha Madara. What Do you think happened here? Isn’t some of the Akatsuki members died a long time back and Why Jiraiya is still kicking and peeping in the hot springs?

Movie will be on July 28th this year and as an added bonus, first 1.5 million movie goers gets a special DVD.

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Kuroko No Basket Episode 12 – Superbly Amazing


The series keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to see how the next episode will go. So far Kagami Taiga have shown extraordinary skills and is probably considered a “Generation of Miracles” Member if he just enrolled to Kuroko’s School when he was in Miracle. He’s unmatched talent in leaping/jumping and athletic ability is now being recognized by “Kiseki No Sedai’s” Midorima which is the number 1 shooter among the members. The thing is Midorima has never been stopped before when he’s on the shooting form and Kagami-kun just slapped him in the face  as he swat the ball right into Midorima’s Face.

So far, Taiga resembles Hanamichi Sakuragi a lot which also has an exceptional jumping ability which made him the King of Rebound in the anime Slam Dunk. But despite’s Kagami Taiga’s perseverance the team is still trailing behind their opponent’s score by two digits and with Kuroko in the bench because of his ineffectiveness when Takao is guarding him, there’s nothing much he can do – unless he’ll up to something on the next episode.

It ended as a cliffhanger since Kuroko said that he’ll be leveling up his game (something like that). I’ve been very eager to check the manga but I’m controlling my self not too cause I’m enjoying watching the anime than reading the whole Kuroko No Basket Series. Hoping for something good will happen on Episode 13.

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Anonymous to Save Japanese Netizens from Updated Copyright Law

The updated copyright law from Japan was something, not just it will put you to a 2 year imprisonment you also have pay 2 million yen as a penalty for the crime. And that Crime my friend is downloading illegal movie and videos over the internet. For those who are already living in Japan – most of them know that it’s illegal to download music and video by illegal means but there’s no penalty for it and because of the recently updated copyright law, Everything has changed. Now not only uploaders have to pay the price even downloaders too. Well if you download your anime related stuff online then you know how this will hit you hard. Hikikomori’s, NEETS, Otakus will surely have a hard time now or they’ll be charged with consequences stated above.


The thing is, it’s never too late yet. Anonymous a hacktivist group responds to Japan’s Government Actions by taking down the Government websites and it’s just starting. They made their point loud and clear about this and they do want an open internet. They put up something like a press release to let the them know about their intentions and i think the Japanese Government knows about this already.

For sure – taking down the government websites is just the start and they will surely move again. Is the Japanese Government aware and ready of the consequences? It will definitely be a long war if they didn’t changed their mind. I’ll be covering most of their work here in my blog and not just anime related stuff – I hope the community will report incidents in the future so we can see how ready the government about this.

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Blackout!!! CRAP!


Crap!!! To those who doesn’t know and follows my official anime news blog – I haven’t updated it for the past two days because of the stupid blackout that happened for more than 24 hours. And I missed a couple of good scoop! the most important is Masashi Kishimoto’s interview by Asahi that Naruto Manga will soon end. There’s no official date on when it will happen but according to the report the “ultimate climax” is nearing and all that is left will be the straightforward ending of the franchise.

Well, that’s superbly surprising since Naruto is ultimately popular globally despite the fact that it’s aimed for 12-year old Japanese Boys. The Manga though has been wildly accepted outside of Japan that goes off bound the targeted age brackets. Anime Purist though bash this fact and label fans of the series as “Narutards” OTOH I’m not bashing them. I just want to explain that each and everyone has it’s own taste so even though you’re not part of the intended target audience of the series then it’s still your right to choose what you enjoy – instead of calling them Narutards let’s just respect what they like. And yes, I’m not a fan of the series.

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Mark Cuban Owns Skip Bayless

Let’s talk non anime related topic for the moment and for those who are sports anime fans following kuroko no basket then you might be interested to this scoop especially when you follow NBA. The Championship of Miami is all over but I think Mark Cuban’s owning of Skip Bayless that happened live on screen is the most entertaining thing that happened in whole season of the Franchise. Skip Bayless is a commentator or should I say a Sports Analyst but judging from the debate that happened Skip is more like an idiot than being an Analyst. Cuban owns him hands down in very argument he thrown there’s a counter argument ready to slap on Skip and the remaining casters on the show.

Next time Skip should be more careful on who’s he inviting for a debate. I think the emotional and mental trauma that Skip had and his Family is ‘excruciating’ just seeing this video trend on youtube! Freaking Epic!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion 1 – 2 a brief summary

I don’t fucking understand why Evangelion is so much Hype! I’ve honestly watched the anime when I was a kid and I can’t remember a thing about it and seeing it now put me in a state of -emptiness- what the fuck am I watching! I expected to much on the first 2 episodes but it just showed cowardly act from Shinji. Crap! Let’s wait for the third episode and see if it will be good. I’m sure it will turn good in the future! As Far as I remember the anime is full of emo-shit conversations when I watched it way back when I can’t multiply numbers. But what made me hooked on to the show is the mecha fights and the hot babes. Back then Rei Ayanami was my crush and Evangelions look really cool! And now just seeing the series is a big “Meeeehhhhh!!!!“. 

Well, This one is completely different from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in fact it’s the exact opposite. It seems that TTGl has been retold again except that this one has a more realistic feel. There’s also another thing that bothers me. The term Angels and hit me into the head. Is this a struggle of Mankind when God is taking over? Seems to be another conspiracy theory which will spur debate from the anime fans. 

Ahhhhh!!!! I think I made a bad choice of picking up Evangelion instead of Madoka Magica. For the mean time I’m looking forward to Kuroko No Basket 🙂 I’ll check out some of the anime sites if subs are already up and go for the sports anime.

P.S: The animation of evangelion is superb! considering that it was shown in the 90’s it has a great appeal to me until today. 

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Ano Hana Sugoiii!!!!

I never thought that AnoHana was this good! I know it’s good but I never realized that it’s not just an anime. It’s an experience. I think everyone agrees that they’ve been wanting a second season or perhaps a movie of the anime but that will be very difficult to layout and the movie may not live it’s expectations from the fans of the series. With only 11 episodes it’s packed with emotions and drama – and that just made the anime difficult to understand and sadly this is very difficult to be localized in Tagalog (local dialect). Anyway I was trying to look for AnoHana’s opening song and sadly I can’t find the anime’s opening theme in youtube. It appears that it was licensed by Sony Music and was taken down by YouTube immediately. Good thing is that I found a couple of good versions of it. 🙂

Here’s probably the best version of the song that I found. Sung by ‘someone’ really good voicing and the closest of all the videos that I found.

If you like the ending song, it’s titled “Secret Base” you can find it on Youtube. This one below is an English Version of AnoHana’s Opening song. I’m not sure if it’s fan made but from the looks of the video it is indeed fan made. Great translation and I felt what the opening song what is really about. Could be improved! so if anyone has a great vocals can make one like this.

Pretty cool huh!? Kudos to you man! You’re the best! I’m looking for a BluRay copy of the anime now and buy a legit copy of it and not just a download.

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Now Halfway on AnoHana


If you notice, I watch anime series really slow cause I watch them in parallel. The thing is I’m also busy at home for house chose and sitting right in front of your pc for continuous hours makes my eye hurt so much so it hampers my progress of doing a straight marathon of the series. Nevertheless, AnoHana never ceases to amaze me. It’s totally a joy to watch despite the concept of “Coping Up” and “Granting the wish of a Ghost”. The anime is not attended for mature audience and with a few geek speek and Japanese culture that foreign and casual anime viewers that only a few will understand.

I like the anime so much but no matter how good the anime is – It’s difficult for me to recommend it. I think most won’t recognize it’s greatness because almost all of the viewers here locally are Shonen addict. If you’re going to lurk in Facebook Pinoy Made communities everyone are crazy about Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. I’m not trying to be an elitist, what I really want to happen are for Filipino fans to explore other genres.

OK, now I’m ranting… my writing skills definitely needs to level up 🙂 It lacks structure and direction.

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Gon Vs. Hisoka Fight!

Saw this one on youtube and I was amazed by the fight of the two. Clearly the new hunter x hunter is vastly superior in art and animation. I hope they make it more beautiful too for the Kurapika and Ubogin fight cause it’s one of the most awesome battle in the whole series including the Zoldyck’s VS Kuroro showdown. I also upload the old fight of the anime, and notice a couple of differences. I wish they add another scene in the clip which explains the goal of Gon on having a fight with Hisoka.  I haven’t followed the series already so I’m surprised of this one. I think I need to revisit the manga too and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me. The Ryodan vs Kurapika Saga was nowhere to be seen in the franchise and I hope they re live it here in the anime. If possible the anime should shift away from the story of the manga, cause it really sucks now.

How about you guys? Which do you think is much better? If you’re going to ask me I’ll pick the new version of the fight. It has more art and very classy!

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