Mafia Anime Again – Arcana Famiglia

I’ve been doing anime episodic reviews this day and Arcana Famiglia caught my attention for it’s similarity to Katekyo Hitman Reborn. The first episode was really good and something that would sum the anime up… Compared to KHR this one goes straight to the point and has an introduction on the character’s abilities – the sad thing about it is the follow up episode is so lame that most of the episode was covered almost by chasing cats.

It doesn’t have the intensity of Kuroko No Basket but honestly the anime has a very much potential to become a hit in the country. it’s still too early to tell but the way the “Arcana” abilities work interests me a lot and I’m hoping to see on how the characters would learn to control their Arcana Abilities and how they’d provide an explanation on how their power works. I’ll be reviewing the anime for the coming weeks and it will be the center of my attention as well as other shows. I decided to make anime reviews and create a couple of anime hubs to fill up content on my blog.

Hope to see a flow of traffic from this type of articles since I’m really frustrated on the amount of visitors that I receive on my blog. Hoping for the best on this coming weeks. Anyway here’s a nice art from my favorite mafia anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Hope you like it!


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