I’m working on Cakes!

The past postings that I had on my blog is about episodic reviews following a gallery of the best anime landscapes that i compiled online. So here I am again to tease you a bit more on what I’m preparing for the next gallery showdown on my anime blog. I think the title itself is more than enough to have you an idea. Anyway here’s a sample of one of the best anime cakes that I’ve seen online.


In fact Totoro cakes are one of the best anime cakes that are baked and was captured on cam. The thing about this anime cakes is that most of the anime fans won’t even dare to slice it! That’s reality, they’re willing to get hungry and sacrifice their humanly needs just for the sake of art! Wheeew I hope most people are like that cause if that happens to me I won’t even try eating or slicing the crafted beauty.

Anyway I’ve been feeling good lately and I almost updated most of my anime blogs online. Seems like my frustration on not ranking well has disappeared and I’m back on my game plan again. Doing daily exercise really helps and for the past two days I’ve been doing cardio exercises – jogging around the town to help me release my anxiety. I’ll be maintaining this type of lifestyle and see for myself on what will happen to my productivity for the coming days. Haaaa! Just please let me be successful on my anime blogging. 😦

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