Tired for Anime Blogging!

For the first time, I got tired blogging for this day… not sure why but I guess one reason why it happened is because I’m losing my physical fitness. I definitely need to do a workout now to loosen my fats and to be fit. It sucks, cause I felt so heavy today – feeling bloated and I easily get tired. Please make the weather fine for tomorrow so I can start my daily routine of doing ocassional jogs 30 repetition of push ups and 25 situps per day. Not that demanding but that’s definitely good for a start. I need to condition my brain for this kind of thing and I think it would be good to book a calendar for it.


Anyway I posted a couple of good interest anime posts for today on my main anime blog but compared to what I was doing for the past days I can go for up to 20 posts per day. Not too sure on what really happened to me but I think this is the effect of unhealthy lifestyle. I’ll try to balance things up starting tomorrow and I’ll be forcing myself to attain a balanced life. I won’t be on hiatus – In fact I’ll still blog it’s just that I’ll try to do it on a healthy way. It sucks if I I feel sluggish and my interest is starting to fade.

Anyway haven’t started watching an anime series yet – I’ll start watching my pending lists starting tomorrow. I definitely need some refreshment to replenish my strength for the hard work I’ve done on this month.

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