Sword Art Online Episode 3 – Another epic show!

First I have to give some praises again! Sword Art Online is one of the best Summer anime around because it’s entertaining! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not biased here in fact I’m not a big fan of MMORPG-based anime as such I haven’t watched a single one of them. Yes, even accel world which is over hyped didn’t interest me. But this one is different, Sword Art Online is a straight forward approach to classic gaming mixed into anime. OTOH I have seen some concerns that I think everyone is ignoring about the series.

  1. The status of their bodies – Yup! it’s the status of their bodies! How come they’re still alive when it’s been more than a month that they’ve not eaten well.  Most of the anime viewers say that it’s natural that the real bodies were taken care of by the families. I do not approve to this, why? Cause it’s not anime-ish. It’s hard to imagine that the real bodies have dextrose attached into it while they continue to play the game. The adaptation of an mmorpg to an anime is superbly done and is very realistic in a sense that the virtual reality gaming syncs really well. But I’m sure that there’s a catch to that. I think there’s still a time gap in the  game that is like a minute in real life means a year or a month. It may sounds ridiculous but I think my theory fits to it
  2. I don’t understand the drama – Being a beater! I don’t understand on the hate of being a beater. Kirito is high-leveled character but why do they hate him so much. It’s a competition anyway! Kirito I think is just playing smart and weaklings are just bragging to much that Beaters are not helping them. I know that your life is at stake here but there’s nothing wrong if you play the game so good. I hate players like that and I hate Kirito act like he’s a weakling where in fact he’s not
  3. No Class System or Job System – Not really a concern but I think it’s more interesting if they’ve introduced a class system. Swords are good and melee type weapons are cool but I think it’s more interesting if there’s a class system in the series. At least we’ll see different kind of variations like knights, paladins, assassins and spear masters. But anyway let’s leave it up to the writer.
  4. I have a bad feeling that it’s going to be a short show – Well if my guess is right it’s going to be another 25 episode series, pretty sucks but I think that’s the trend now – unless it’s going to be a hardcore shonen show that would span for like 100+ episodes.

Episode 3 was really great but I’d like to see more Drama and politics to the characters and not about battling emotions and stuff like that. Asuna is pretty cool on the 2nd episode so I want to see her more in the show. Well, the uprgrades and stuff on Kirito’s inventory is good looking and badass! It’s nice to see if they’ll feature rare items and weapons. Don’t forget the rare item that he got on the special boss event monster. I’m sure it will be of use in the near future.


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