Don’t tire your eyes

Here’s a cool fan art for today! A pretty cool Anime Mecha Art that I found online but didn’t find it’s original source. I’ve been liking this Kind of Fanart where almost all characters from a certain anime are featured in a single sheet. But it would be much better if you’ll mash up several characters from different anime. It’s like, it has a striking appeal to me where you see your favorite characters share the same world. I think this art comes from pixiv or deviant art but no matter what that is really cool to make it possible.


Anyway I also found a similar mashed up fan art like this with all the characters of shonen jump manga. The thing is – it’s been missing the other half. I’ll try to post it up tomorrow so you’ll see what I mean. Anyway I’ll be concentrating on posting here in otaku press and some of the blogs for this full week. Let’s see if it will have a positive effect to my main anime blog. I’m quite disappointed on the performance of my main blog and I think it definitely need some push thrus from my other network.

My sister just arrived last night so Perhaps we’ll be sharing an internet connection this time so downloads will be pretty slow. For the mean time, I’ll concentrate mainly on blogging and skip watching anime for a few days. Might as well complete Madoka Magica for the next two days which will be 6 episodes per day. I Don’t have time to marathon it because of restricted schedule. Most of the Spring Animes this 2012 are ending already but the one’s that I’m following is still on air. And I probably need to complete their missing episodes so I can write an anime review for them. And the first thing that I’ll start to complete would be Hyouka

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