Kuroko No Basket Episode 12 – Superbly Amazing


The series keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to see how the next episode will go. So far Kagami Taiga have shown extraordinary skills and is probably considered a “Generation of Miracles” Member if he just enrolled to Kuroko’s School when he was in Miracle. He’s unmatched talent in leaping/jumping and athletic ability is now being recognized by “Kiseki No Sedai’s” Midorima which is the number 1 shooter among the members. The thing is Midorima has never been stopped before when he’s on the shooting form and Kagami-kun just slapped him in the face  as he swat the ball right into Midorima’s Face.

So far, Taiga resembles Hanamichi Sakuragi a lot which also has an exceptional jumping ability which made him the King of Rebound in the anime Slam Dunk. But despite’s Kagami Taiga’s perseverance the team is still trailing behind their opponent’s score by two digits and with Kuroko in the bench because of his ineffectiveness when Takao is guarding him, there’s nothing much he can do – unless he’ll up to something on the next episode.

It ended as a cliffhanger since Kuroko said that he’ll be leveling up his game (something like that). I’ve been very eager to check the manga but I’m controlling my self not too cause I’m enjoying watching the anime than reading the whole Kuroko No Basket Series. Hoping for something good will happen on Episode 13.

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