Anonymous to Save Japanese Netizens from Updated Copyright Law

The updated copyright law from Japan was something, not just it will put you to a 2 year imprisonment you also have pay 2 million yen as a penalty for the crime. And that Crime my friend is downloading illegal movie and videos over the internet. For those who are already living in Japan – most of them know that it’s illegal to download music and video by illegal means but there’s no penalty for it and because of the recently updated copyright law, Everything has changed. Now not only uploaders have to pay the price even downloaders too. Well if you download your anime related stuff online then you know how this will hit you hard. Hikikomori’s, NEETS, Otakus will surely have a hard time now or they’ll be charged with consequences stated above.


The thing is, it’s never too late yet. Anonymous a hacktivist group responds to Japan’s Government Actions by taking down the Government websites and it’s just starting. They made their point loud and clear about this and they do want an open internet. They put up something like a press release to let the them know about their intentions and i think the Japanese Government knows about this already.

For sure – taking down the government websites is just the start and they will surely move again. Is the Japanese Government aware and ready of the consequences? It will definitely be a long war if they didn’t changed their mind. I’ll be covering most of their work here in my blog and not just anime related stuff – I hope the community will report incidents in the future so we can see how ready the government about this.

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