Blackout!!! CRAP!


Crap!!! To those who doesn’t know and follows my official anime news blog – I haven’t updated it for the past two days because of the stupid blackout that happened for more than 24 hours. And I missed a couple of good scoop! the most important is Masashi Kishimoto’s interview by Asahi that Naruto Manga will soon end. There’s no official date on when it will happen but according to the report the “ultimate climax” is nearing and all that is left will be the straightforward ending of the franchise.

Well, that’s superbly surprising since Naruto is ultimately popular globally despite the fact that it’s aimed for 12-year old Japanese Boys. The Manga though has been wildly accepted outside of Japan that goes off bound the targeted age brackets. Anime Purist though bash this fact and label fans of the series as “Narutards” OTOH I’m not bashing them. I just want to explain that each and everyone has it’s own taste so even though you’re not part of the intended target audience of the series then it’s still your right to choose what you enjoy – instead of calling them Narutards¬†let’s just respect what they like. And yes, I’m not a fan of the series.

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