Mark Cuban Owns Skip Bayless

Let’s talk non anime related topic for the moment and for those who are sports anime fans following kuroko no basket then you might be interested to this scoop especially when you follow NBA. The Championship of Miami is all over but I think Mark Cuban’s owning of Skip Bayless that happened live on screen is the most entertaining thing that happened in whole season of the Franchise. Skip Bayless is a commentator or should I say a Sports Analyst but judging from the debate that happened Skip is more like an idiot than being an Analyst. Cuban owns him hands down in very argument he thrown there’s a counter argument ready to slap on Skip and the remaining casters on the show.

Next time Skip should be more careful on who’s he inviting for a debate. I think the emotional and mental trauma that Skip had and his Family is ‘excruciating’ just seeing this video trend on youtube! Freaking Epic!

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