Neon Genesis Evangelion 1 – 2 a brief summary

I don’t fucking understand why Evangelion is so much Hype! I’ve honestly watched the anime when I was a kid and I can’t remember a thing about it and seeing it now put me in a state of -emptiness- what the fuck am I watching! I expected to much on the first 2 episodes but it just showed cowardly act from Shinji. Crap! Let’s wait for the third episode and see if it will be good. I’m sure it will turn good in the future! As Far as I remember the anime is full of emo-shit conversations when I watched it way back when I can’t multiply numbers. But what made me hooked on to the show is the mecha fights and the hot babes. Back then Rei Ayanami was my crush and Evangelions look really cool! And now just seeing the series is a big “Meeeehhhhh!!!!“. 

Well, This one is completely different from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in fact it’s the exact opposite. It seems that TTGl has been retold again except that this one has a more realistic feel. There’s also another thing that bothers me. The term Angels and hit me into the head. Is this a struggle of Mankind when God is taking over? Seems to be another conspiracy theory which will spur debate from the anime fans. 

Ahhhhh!!!! I think I made a bad choice of picking up Evangelion instead of Madoka Magica. For the mean time I’m looking forward to Kuroko No Basket 🙂 I’ll check out some of the anime sites if subs are already up and go for the sports anime.

P.S: The animation of evangelion is superb! considering that it was shown in the 90’s it has a great appeal to me until today. 

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