Ano Hana Sugoiii!!!!

I never thought that AnoHana was this good! I know it’s good but I never realized that it’s not just an anime. It’s an experience. I think everyone agrees that they’ve been wanting a second season or perhaps a movie of the anime but that will be very difficult to layout and the movie may not live it’s expectations from the fans of the series. With only 11 episodes it’s packed with emotions and drama – and that just made the anime difficult to understand and sadly this is very difficult to be localized in Tagalog (local dialect). Anyway I was trying to look for AnoHana’s opening song and sadly I can’t find the anime’s opening theme in youtube. It appears that it was licensed by Sony Music and was taken down by YouTube immediately. Good thing is that I found a couple of good versions of it. 🙂

Here’s probably the best version of the song that I found. Sung by ‘someone’ really good voicing and the closest of all the videos that I found.

If you like the ending song, it’s titled “Secret Base” you can find it on Youtube. This one below is an English Version of AnoHana’s Opening song. I’m not sure if it’s fan made but from the looks of the video it is indeed fan made. Great translation and I felt what the opening song what is really about. Could be improved! so if anyone has a great vocals can make one like this.

Pretty cool huh!? Kudos to you man! You’re the best! I’m looking for a BluRay copy of the anime now and buy a legit copy of it and not just a download.

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