Gon Vs. Hisoka Fight!

Saw this one on youtube and I was amazed by the fight of the two. Clearly the new hunter x hunter is vastly superior in art and animation. I hope they make it more beautiful too for the Kurapika and Ubogin fight cause it’s one of the most awesome battle in the whole series including the Zoldyck’s VS Kuroro showdown. I also upload the old fight of the anime, and notice a couple of differences. I wish they add another scene in the clip which explains the goal of Gon on having a fight with Hisoka.  I haven’t followed the series already so I’m surprised of this one. I think I need to revisit the manga too and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me. The Ryodan vs Kurapika Saga was nowhere to be seen in the franchise and I hope they re live it here in the anime. If possible the anime should shift away from the story of the manga, cause it really sucks now.

How about you guys? Which do you think is much better? If you’re going to ask me I’ll pick the new version of the fight. It has more art and very classy!

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