Done with Anime GIFS

Well, I finally made my animated gif to work and I think it’s going smoothly now. It’s a tedious process but I think it pays off when you’re done stitching the images altogether. Surprisingly my anime rankings dropped down 😦 So I think I need to work hard again to reclaim my position. Almost all of my activity for the past two days are link building and just last night I exhausted my time studying how to create anime gifs efficiently but good thing it pays off. Now i think I’ll be good doing writing articles online but because of busy schedule I have to reorganize my working hours so I won’t be wasting most of it to utter nonsense.

And of course I’ll be including my anime viewing schedules since most of my content will come to it. I still don’t have a solid schedule to follow so most of my efforts are gone to waste. Anyway Here are my sample works last night. I won’t lay it out here cause I don’t know how to do it.

I’ll be attending a wedding for my friend at the end of the month so I have to look for something to wear. So that’s it for now I hope everything will doing good this week

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