Making GIFs

Well as part of my campaign of making the most popular anime blog in the Philippines i decided to start making animated GIFs! You heard it right – ANIMATED GIFS.I didn’t notice the potential of this one but it’s indeed one of the most effective of way of getting your content shared. The tough part is how to make one. You just need to be really precise on your images and you need to have access to high quality videos.

And today I haven’t successfully created one cause my tools are messing up. I’ll be making a complete guide GIF making in the future but for the mean time I have to make this work first. I think I really need to have a new workstation since my laptop is too old and is running a 1.6ghz dual core AMD processor.

I’m currently using AnoHana as a test sample and if I successfully created one I’ll share it with you. Anyway Don’t forget to check out my Kuroko No Basket Anime Hub, I’ve updated it today cause the PSP Game of the anime was announced and it was streamed in youtube. Aside from that Hyouka hub is already up and running but before I optimized it, I have to make Kuroko No Basket on the first page. Anyway AnoHana anime is great I’ll be finishing it tomorrow.

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