Kuroko No Basket is the next Big Thing

My prediction is that Kuroko No basket will be the next big thing in the realms of Sports Anime. Animation is great, story is great, and the intensity is outrageously awesome.  So far the anime only has 11 episodes and it’s actually looking great in my own point of view. It doesn’t start from scratch where you see that the protagonists is a complete beginner in fact it’s the other way around but in a different situation.

Kuroko Tetsuya is one of the members of “Generation of Miracles” in his middle school year. Generation of Miracles are considered the best in the league because they crushed their opponents without even losing. When they entered high school the members of Generation of Miracles are separated from their school of Choice and Kuroko Tetsuya entered Seirin High.

Seirin High is considered an underdog team . Among the regulars of Generation of Miracles, Kuroko is the least popular because his skills is way different among the others. Instead he is a genius in terms of passing while other members are known for relentless skills in shooting and defending. with the help of Kagami Taiga which is also a great basketball player who grew up in the US when he’s on middle school they’re determined to be the champion this school year.

The Plot is pretty straight forward similar to other Sports Anime. So far Kuroko No Basket is not yet shown here locally but I’m sure it will be the next big thing. The first few episodes are intense and there was never a dull moment on each episode. It’s either you became hooked on the action or you get entertained on the comic relief. I’ll be writing an anime review of it in the future but for the mean time. Let’s hope that HERO TV will adopt the show in the future.

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